Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Secret Truthwitch Blog Tour: DIY Bookmarks + Short review

Welcome to Sunroadreads, your stop today at the (not so secret anymore) Truthwitch Blog Tour! Many thanks to Liran at Empress of Books for creating this amazing oppurtunity for Truthwitch fans to get involved and show their excitement for all things witchy! Today I will hopefully inspire you to do your own awesome Truthwitch bookmarks! Susan does so much for us and has a lot of givaways, so instead of her giving you awesome stuff, you can create your own to satisy your huge need for Truthwitch!

Let's begin!

I choose to do six bookmarks this time, 5 smaller ones and 1 bigger one! As you can see on the picture to the right, I decided to take our four main characters from Truthwitch and play with different fonts! This is a very simple, yet very fun bookmark idea, that you can apply to any of your favourite character!

Number 5, the one with the colourful lines, is a very sneaky Truthwitch bookmark, but if you have read a part of it, you know that Iseult is a Threadwitch, someone who can see the emotional threads that binds people to the world! Emotions has different colours, and therefore this idea grew forward! Explore all the threads/lines and colours/emotions! Last but not least we have the white one with Truthwitch in cursive writing! If you are like me, practise a couple of times on your cursive before doing the bookmark. If you look closely you can see all my typos ahahaha! I hope these bookmarks will be of some inspiration for you! If you do a Truthwitch bookmark, make sure to tag me on twitter @iseultsafi
Ps. no need to use white as your backround! Any colour will surely look amazing!

So, I had the amaaazing oppurtunity to get the 15 chapters excerpt, and let me tell you, it's amazing and beautiful and all I ever want in a book. Everyone is so hyped and you have a 100% reason to be that, because Truthwitch will exceed your expectations! It's fresh, unique, action-packed, and the characters.... LET US TALK ABOUT THE CHARACTERS! So Iseult and Safiya are so close and their bond just suck you in immediately. That bond is exacly what I'm want in my life, and to be able to write down this friendship... Susan, you just did it. Female friendship for the win! 

Also, something I think many will love, is the way magic is described and performed, and especially Iseult's magic is really, really beautiful written!
It's truly taking my all not to read the last few chapters that I have left, but I need to hold out until January, so only a small dose for me! I can't wait to unleash all the fanart I want to draw when I have read the whole book, and see all the art everyone else will make!

 Also, if Susan is reading this (Hi Sooz, love you!), just know that... every sketch, every drawing I make, is sorta like a love letter. I'm not that good with talking about how I feel (even though I can write hecka long emails), but the way you have inspired me and made me smile is just.. everything really! So my art to you is me saying: You as a writer and as a person, is something that means a lot to me and I LOVE your characters and writing and it makes me want to bring them to life with art. Thank you thank you thank you, for always being there for me and everyone!

That's all for today, goodbye and love!
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  1. Nice post Hedvig!! Now you are making me want to make some awesome bookmarks! :)

    1. Aaaw thanks!! If you do, make sure to show me! :D